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Well google must have brought you hear for some reason! If you came here to find "game cheats". Then you my friend are in the right place! At immortal cheats our main aim is to provide you with the top game cheats on the market. All you need to do is check out our game cheats and start getting more from your games!

Immortal cheats has been up and running for the past 6 months. Already we have a very large following and have a full inbox of game cheats requests. We aim to give you your game cheats within 48hrs. All you need to do is get in touch with us tell us which game cheats you require. Once, one of our team gets your email we will be on our way to contacting you!



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At immortal cheats we are one of the latest providers of mobile game cheats. So if your a lover of your android device or iphone. And love to play video games on them, then you will love our site. We are the number one supplier of mobile cheats. We have created a lot of game cheats for great games like, simcity buildit, dbz dokkan battle, pokemon shuffle. So if your interested any of the above game cheats you should follow us!


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Here at immortal cheats we are offering our visitors a unique experience. Every user that visits our site has the option to submit there own cheats. Hell yeah thats right! You can ask for your cheats to be solved via our suggestions page. So if your currently scratching your head and can't find the right cheats for your games. Ask our staff! We are always eager to help!


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So you have been browsing the internet late at night. You have looked through dozens of sites like you have realised that there are no game cheats! In frustration you retire to your bedroom. This is not how things should be! We are not like other cheat sites. We provide mobile cheats that actually work. Non of that BS we are hard hitting and deliver on our word! So stick with us and get exactly what you asked for!


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