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Minions Paradise Cheats

October 26, 2015

Our Latest Minions Paradise Cheats


Good morning world! It's finally landed! Our latest mobile cheat release. This game cheat is for Minions Paradise. If your in love with the minions then this minions paradise cheats should make you more than happy. Minions Paradise launched last week and has allready had a ton of downloads. I expect the downloads to hit number 1 anytime this week. Due to the increased popularity of minions paradise, we have decided to release our minions paradise cheats. Just like usual we aim to provide you the user with game cheats as soon as they release. Of course some games are harder than others to break and lets say minions paradise cheats were not without there problems.

Now that minions paradise cheats is released you can enjoy 100's of new options when it comes to helping out your minions. Not only do we offer unlimited doubloons on minions paradise or even unlimited coconuts for minions paradise. We also offer some cool new features. We offer the ability to unlock the market place and fool the leader board. How about double xp? Or even max levels. We have tons of minions paradise cheats available for you guys. As long as you use our minions paradise hack responsibly then you should not have any problems getting the most from minions paradise.

So if your one of the few who got in touch over the weekend, of course we have been busy! This is what we were working on! But now it's live we can now work on some other great cheats.

You can download our Minions Paradise cheats from the link below!




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